19 Graduates join Southern Cross Healthcare

The Southern Cross Nurse Graduate Programme

The Southern Cross Nurse Entry to Practice Programme (NTEP) sets itself apart with resources that support their nurse’s transition from theory to clinical application.  

The 2021 Intake

In January 2021, 19 graduate nurses were welcomed across Southern Cross’ ten wholly owned hospitals. Southern Cross Healthcare invest considerable effort in their NETP programme to ensure they can offer the best care to their patients. Launched six years ago, the Southern Cross New Graduate Programme, is designed to support and guide nurses through their transition to professional practice. Over 12 months, graduates build on and enhance their developing knowledge and competence in the private healthcare environment. This experience culminates in the submission of their level 2 professional portfolio. Professional portfolios validate graduates continuing competence and practice development and are a requirement of the NETP programme and Southern Cross Healthcare’s Nursing Council of New Zealand (NCNZ) accredited Professional Development Recognition Programme (PDRP).  

Six ways the Southern Cross Nurse Graduate programme is unique:

  1. Southern Cross Healthcare is the only private provider with a Nursing Council accredited NETP programme.
  2. Each nursing graduate is assigned at least two qualified Preceptors - experienced registered nurses and mentors who offer pastoral care and a safe place to talk.
  3. Graduates are supported until they indicate they are ready to independently complete tasks. As graduates develop confidence and competence, their workload and scope of practice gradually increase.
  4. The Southern Cross New Graduate Programme is nationally co-ordinated but delivered regionally to align with local tertiary provider post-graduate and post-registration papers, and DHB NETP programmes.
  5. New graduates develop their registered nurse practice primarily through experience in PACU, day surgery, theatre and the ward. Southern Cross Healthcare employees can also access opportunities across the group including interventional cardiology and ICU.
  6. Southern Cross Healthcare is a not for profit and invests significantly in its employees. Preceptor qualifications and graduate/post graduate papers are funded by Southern Cross Healthcare, and new graduate workloads accommodate for study time.

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