Southern Cross North Harbour Ward Extension

Southern Cross North Harbour Hospital opened a new ward extension demonstrating the commitment to providing high quality healthcare facilities supporting the delivery of the best care and experience for patients.

The new ward adds another 10 patient rooms (eight single rooms and two double) each with an ensuite. The extension was in response to the needs of the growing ageing community on Auckland’s North Shore and an increase in demand for orthopaedic and general surgeries. Between July 2019 and June 2020, 6,500 procedures took place at Southern Cross North Harbour Hospital, and they are on track to complete over 7,000 procedures in the coming year.  

All rooms are spacious and the two double rooms have a physical distance of 2 metres between beds. To enable enhanced infection prevention, all surfaces are suitable for steam and microfiber cleaning between patients. Thoroughfares are wider with alcoves incorporated to allow the safe and efficient flow of larger items including patient beds and mobile workstations.  

To ensure patient comfort and safety during the 18 month build, hoardings were erected to provide a privacy and sound barrier for those rooms which overlooked the construction. Ongoing patient comfort has also been increased through making a conscious effort to reduce unnecessary noise with only emergency bells sounding. The new nurse call system, which operates through personal pagers, provides significant noise reduction.

Southern Cross Healthcare has Toitū Envirocare carbon reduction certification. To support sustainability, the new ward includes smart building technology that controls the temperatures in individual rooms and reduces energy consumption for any not in use.