Hospital procedures are impacted under the Covid-19 Protection Framework. More details

Hospital procedures are impacted under the Covid-19 Protection Framework. More details

A wide range of attractive and challenging roles

At Southern Cross Healthcare, you’d expect to find a wide range of attractive and challenging roles.  Opportunities within our network and partner businesses span everything from functional management roles to highly specialised healthcare positions.  Within our wholly owned facilities and partner organisations, we naturally look to employ skilled nursing professionals and a wide range of healthcare professionals.

That is just part of the picture.  Southern Cross Healthcare also employs skilled professionals across a wide range of corporate functions, from finance and technology to facilities and business development.  Our healthcare partners also naturally look to secure talent to support their development of market leading services across rehabilitation, physiotherapy and a range of corporate wellbeing services.

Professional development

We encourage our people to pursue relevant professional development opportunities and we work with and support them, where appropriate, to achieve high levels of performance and engagement.

Our framework supports workforce development and behaviour, applied across our organisation.  This progressive approach is designed to support your success, and it helps us to be clear about what our people need as they look to develop, grow their skills, and contribute to our wider organisational performance.

Professional Development & Recognition Programme (PDRP)

Southern Cross Healthcare is committed to developing New Zealand’s surgical nursing workforce through our Nursing Council accredited professional development and recognition programme (PDRP).  The programme is competence based, in that it assesses practice against competencies, recognises levels of practice and supports on-going professional development.

Professional development

Our NETP Programme

Southern Cross' NETP programme is designed to enable nursing graduates to consolidate and enhance their academic and clinical learning in a private surgical setting. Supported by qualified preceptors, newly registered nurses have the opportunity to work in the following surgical settings:

  • Peri-operative Care
    • Operating Room
    • PACU
  • Surgical
    • Day surgery
    • Inpatient ward (including high dependency care)
    • Inpatient intermediate care and intensive care (at some sites)

A standardised learning programme is co-ordinated nationally, and delivered across our hospital network for the mid-year intake commencing September 2022. Applications for all NETP positions are made through ACE Nursing.

Southern Cross hospitals will be offering NETP positions for Perioperative Care (Theatre) and Surgical practice settings in the following regions / participating hospitals:

  • Auckland: Southern Cross North Harbour Hospital and Southern Cross Gillies Hospital.
  • Midland: Southern Cross Hamilton Hospital and Southern Cross Rotorua Hospital.
  • New Plymouth: Southern Cross New Plymouth Hospital.
  • Central: Southern Cross Wellington Hospital and Manuka St (Nelson).
  • Southern: Southern Cross Christchurch Hospital; Southern Endoscopy Centre and Southern Cross Invercargill Hospital.

Applications open on the ACE website from Wednesday 6 April 2022.

ACE Nursing Eligibility Criteria
View ACE Eligibility Criteria

To apply for our NETP Programme
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Further information contact
Please email Julie Hedley

Learning & development award

Southern Cross Healthcare is committed to investing in people development and the support we provide plays an integral part in supporting our people as they work to achieve high levels of performance and engagement.

Our Learning & Development programmes take account of typical or mandatory (or legislated) health sector or professional education and training requirements. They also support individual employees in developing knowledge and skills that not only help them to grow professionally, but to contribute, innovate and add real value across our wider organisation.

Succession planning & talent management

To support our success we need to develop great leaders and grow our people.

As part of this strategy, Southern Cross Healthcare identifies talent across the organisation and this enables us to offer employees opportunities for growth through appropriate programmes.  These have increasingly become a factor in our progress, and are important for our continued success.

Our development initiatives are aligned with our culture, values, and behavioural capabilities framework, and are run in conjunction with external partners - supporting succession planning, talent management and continuous professional development.   Our programmes aim to deliver sustainable capability building at an individual level, enhancing the contributions our people make, as well as ensuring the future success of the organisation.

Succession planning & talent management