Can my parents stay with me?

Yes, they can, until you are asleep/anaesthetised. One parent can come with you into the operating room. They can stay with you until you are anaesthetised. They then go and wait for you in the ward or in the Daystay room while your Anaesthetist stays with you throughout the operation keeping you safe.You will wake up in the recovery room with your very own nurse. Soon after this, you will be taken in your bed to see your Parent/Caregiver.

Will I wake up during the operation?

There is a low chance of awareness in every anaesthetic so the Anaesthetist stays with you the whole time and ensures you stay asleep/anaesthetised until you arrive at the recovery room How much will it hurt? The doctors and nurses give you pain medication so it won’t hurt but sometimes it is a bit uncomfortable. It is important that you tell mum or dad or the nurse so we can give you more medicine so it doesn't hurt Some other things help too like cold drinks, ice blocks, watching a DVD/iPad or reading a book to take your mind off it.

Will I have a needle or injection?

Sometimes we have to put a very small tube into your arm, this is called an IV. This has a little plug on the end and is covered with a bandage. It doesn't have a needle in it when it is in you. The Anaesthetist will talk to you about having one, it is mainly put in when you are asleep so you won’t feel a thing. We use it to give you extra medicine if you feel sick, vomit or are very sore.

What does the gas smell like?

Some people say it smells like Fruit!

Will I have the mask on when I wake up?

Sometimes people need the mask on for a little bit longer when they wake up, but it is a smaller one. This is usually only for a little while until you are properly awake. This is because you might just need to breathe a little more oxygen/gas until you are wide awake.

Will my voice sound the same?

It may sound a bit croaky at first, this is because it is a bit dry and a little bit sore, but once you have recovered from your operation you will sound exactly the same as before.

Why can I not eat or drink for so long before my operation?

We need you to fast (not eat and drink) for some hours before your surgery-you will be told exact times the day before your surgery. By fasting, we avoid the food and drink going into your lungs when you go to sleep.

We hope this has answered some of your questions but please ask us if you have any more