Hospital procedures are impacted by Covid-19. Find out more here.

Hospital procedures are impacted by Covid-19. Find out more here.



The new eAdmissions component of Clinical Workstation (CWS) has been designed for credentialled practitioners, patients, whānau, and hospital admission staff with the purpose of creating a connected digital journey for everyone involved.

The journey starts at the specialist room, where the credentialled practitioner submits a request for treatment to the hospital as part of the informed consent process. This action triggers an invitation to the patient to register for MyHealthcare. MyHealthcare is the patient-facing web application which houses eAdmissions. By logging into MyHealthcare patients can securely complete their patient admission forms online, view essential information, and receive instructions relating to their upcoming procedure.

Please note eAdmissions can only be accessed via the full version of CWS which is compatible with computers or tablets.

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How eAdmissions benefits practitioners

eAdmissions facilitates a digital admission pathway for Southern Cross hospital patients. It provides process efficiencies, improved information accuracy, and heightened security.

  • eAdmissions is a centralised access point to view both clinical data and admission information relating to the patient’s upcoming hospital visit. This includes electronic copies of the admission forms (such as the patient health questionnaire) as well as medicine reconciliation documents.
  • As forms are completed, they are visible from CWS in real time, ensuring the right data is provided to the right people to support excellent patient outcomes.
  • You have visibility on how patients are progressing with the completion of their hospital admission forms.
  • No longer do physical paper forms need to be compiled and dispatched.
  • Specialist support staff, who manage admissions processes, can also get access to CWS.

How eAdmissisons improves the patient journey

eAdmissions has been designed to improve patient safety, sustainability, and systems integration. It offers a number of significant benefits.

  • The patient has the ability to save a draft at any time and come back to complete their data later.
  • It improves data security.
  • The inconvenience of returning admission forms via post, email, or in person is removed as the patient (or support person) is now able to submit a form with the click of a button.
  • Online forms improve data completion, data accuracy, as well as issues with postal delays, misplaced and lost forms.
  • Within MyHealthcare, the admission forms are divided into sections, providing improved user experience as the patient navigates their way through the forms and enters their information.
  • During the eAdmissions pilot at Southern Cross Auckland Surgical Centre, patients who had previously gone through the paper admission form process all agreed eAdmissions was easier, simpler, and more convenient than the previous approach.

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Before you can start using eAdmissions, you need to register for Clinical Workstation (CWS).

CWS is available for all Southern Cross Healthcare credentialled practitioners and can be accessed from within our facilities and remotely on their own devices. We can also register your support staff for CWS.

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